Trust me, you will not be disappointed

"Ermeess Faris is an amazing Realtor and we have an awesome house thanks to her. We have used her services for more than 6 years and her knowledge has been instrumental in all of our real estate transactions. With Faris my wife bought her condo (seven years ago), I bought my condo (4 years ago) and I sold my condo and bought our first house together as a married couple last year. Faris is a great, a reliable Realtor whose knowledge of the real estate market, the neighborhoods and mortgage industry, allows her to provide an excellent service to her clients and negotiate the best deal that allowed us get our dream home. Our experience with her was amazing and we recommend her to everyone we know, because we know that she will look out for the best interest of her clients.

Here is a brief summary of our most recent experience with her: A couple of years ago we discovered a neighborhood that we liked a lot and we dreamed of living in it since. For over two years were drove to that neighborhood once a month and looked at most if not all of the new construction properties that were being built in order to see what we liked and what were their time frames for delivery. The time frames were important to us, because we were in the middle of planning our wedding, but we did not want to miss the opportunity to buy our house at the best price possible. Last summer, we noticed that the market was starting to go up and that there were not that many houses available in the market. As soon as we decided that we would like to officially start looking, we contacted Faris and she started the process with us. She helped us find out how much we could afford, she helped us narrow down areas in the neighborhood that we could afford and she made herself available for any house that we wanted to see. Once she helped us narrow down the prospects, we met with her and asked her all real estate related questions, from resale values in the neighborhoods as well as how the market was trending at that time. In our case, we already had a condo that we wanted to sell, and we wanted to know how the selling of the condo could impact our potential house purchase. Meeting with her calmed our doubts, and when we finally decided on a house, she went with us and helped us negotiate the price and the lot and we ended up with a great house, our oasis. She was available all the time for all of our questions, she went to all of our meetings with the builder. She really made our dream of home ownership true. If you want a Realtor that is trustworthy, reliable and that will always have your best interest in mind, contact Faris, because you will never regret it. We recommend her to everyone and we will definitively use her services on any of our future real estate transactions. Trust me, you will not be disappointed."

- F Noble

My realtor of choice

"Ermeess Faris provided excellent service in the sale and purchase of family properties in 2011 through 2013. She has an extensive array of contacts that provided financing, inspection, and repair solutions. Communication is critical in property transactions and Ermeess maintains constant contact during the process. She returns all calls and emails promptly. If I ever had a question or a problem, I never had to worry that I had to solve them on my own. She has a deep understanding of the current market and a sincere commitment to meeting the needs of her customers. Ermeess is strong in negotiations and she does not back down from anyone who tries to compromise her ability to meet her customers’ needs. I am very impressed by her calm demeanor in the face of any obstacles. I have worked with Ermeess on four properties to date and she is my realtor of choice for any and all of my future property transactions."

- Satisfied Client

I fully recommend Faris Homes

"I contacted Ermeess Faris in early 2010 to short-sale my home in Stone Ridge (Aldie), VA. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism, expertise and responsiveness. This short-sale was a very difficult negotiation with Wells Fargo but Ermeess handled it expertly. After many months of negotiation with Wells Fargo and a lot of work on the the part of Ermeess and her team, we went to settlement in December 2010. Since that time, my son Brian also used Ermeess to find him a condo in Manassas Park, VA and that endeavor also ended very successfully in November 2011. I fully recommend and endorse Ermeess Faris and Faris Homes for any Real Estate transaction"

- Satisfied Client

Very helpful!

"Very helpful! Pointed out the all faults of the houses we visited. Gave us an estimate on how much it would be to fix them or if it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Did not pressure us into settling for a house we didn't like. Overall an excellent service. For a first time homeowner the process was a lot smoother than I expected."

- Satisfied Client

Helped us to get the perfect house

"Ermeess is a great person and a great realtor. She helped us to get the perfect house for us. She knew exactly where to look when we described our needs! 2 years after we bought our place, we still in touch. She has never ignored a call from me when I have a real state question. Very happy to call her and Charlie our friends! Next house I buy or sell will be through her, no question!"

- Satisfied Client

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